Automatic High Constant Pressure Rain Water Tank Pump For Garden Irrigation New

Fully Automatic Cast Iron (Not thin stainless which cracks and leaks or weak cheap plastic) Rainwater Tank Pump Model JSW-55A

Fully automatic pump (with run/dry protection switch built-in) means

  • Turn tap on - starts the pump and starts water flow
  • Turn tap off - stops the pump and stops the water flow
  • Water Tank Runs out of RainWater - stops the pump and protects the pump from dry running

My neighbour recently showed me a $397.15 water bill complaining how expensive its become. Its only going to get more expensive. We need to pay off all these desalination plants popping up everywhere!!

Save $$$ on your water bills with the JSW-55A Pump. Now our neighbours has the JSW-55A fully automatic water pump her bills have been reduced. You can fight back as well.

Purchasing this pump will pay off quickly and become a long-term investment. You can enjoy washing your car or boat and be the envy of all your neighbours. Why not use the pump to grow your own fruit and vegetables. You health (Chemical free foods) will thank you!!

We have been specialising in water pumps for over 15 years. With over 50,000 customers served Australia wide rest assure you buy with confidence. Your pump purchase will quickly pay itself off with the savings on your water bills. All pumps are quality tested before dispatch to avoid defects and ensure 100% happy customers.


  • Rain Water Tanks, Portable Domestic use around the garden
  • Farm, Water Transfer, Irrigation, Sprinklers
  • Ideal for washing cars, boats and garden irrigation


  • Australian Approved SAA electrical plug (No wiring or electrician required - just plug it in)
  • Australian EMC compliant product
  • Special Designed Jet Venturi inside pump ensures smooth constant flow avoiding pressure fluctuations
  • Self Priming ability allows you to draw water from up to 9m deep if using an underground tank / bore
  • Powerful 1.0HP (750 watt) motor with thermal
  • HEAD PRESSURE: 450kPA allows operation of more taps / sprinklers at the same time
  • LARGE FLOW: 3,600 litres per hour
  • BALANCED BRASS IMPELLER (Not cheap plastic)
  • Mechanical Seal: Premium quality carbon / ceramic
  • Shaft: Premium quality corrosion resistant electroplated steel with high torque
  • Inlet / Outlet: 25mm / 25mm Standard BSP Thread
  • Revolution: 2850 rpm

Automatic High Constant Pressure Rain Water Tank Pump For Garden Irrigation New


Marketplace - Leaves warehouse in 2 business days
Marketplace - Leaves warehouse in 2 business days
Sold and delivered by KASA Factory