Camtrol Prime 22 with Bonus Camshade

Whats included in the box?

Camtrol Prime 22 Unit

Usage Manual

(Camera, clamp, remote, and cord not included)

The “New” Prime 22 Model:

Upgraded Exterior Material

Major Improvements to the Overall Quality and Craftsmanship

Bigger Thumb Screw

While the centering channels allows you to find and adjust the camera’s center of gravity for stable shooting, the Channeled Mounting Plate (CMP) enables secure attachment of cameras to the Camtrol Prime 22 and provides anti-slip / anti-vibration protection.

In addition, the CMP has retractable legs that protect the mounted camera from impacts and scratches.The CMP is attached to the camera with the help of a 1/4″ mounting thumb screw. The 1/4″ thread at the bottom of the thumb screw is compatible with quick release plates, monopods, or tripods, and allows the operator to easily switch between free shooting and static shots.

Quad pod retractable landing legs (QPRL) of the Camtrol Prime 22 allow you to customize the camera setup for different camera applications. Using the legs, you can configure the Camtrol Prime 22 to be used as a safe and stable editing and dubbing platform as well as a self imaging video trainer. Adjustable ball joints with locking mechanism and vertical stabilizer bar allows you to customize the Camtrol 22 for desired shooting conditions. By manually changing the configuration, you can capture ground level shots, overhead shots, and around-objects shots without even bending.

As you can operate the Camtrol Prime 22 rig with a single hand, you can conveniently operate the camera via a remote controller with the other hand. Thanks to a multi-faceted mechanism, the Camtrol Prime 22 also supports iPad and 2-camera operation.

You can attach the Camtroller and V-slope bracket to the action control grip via the Receiver Post for Remote and Accessories (RP/RA). Running the wires through the hollow grip, you can plug the wires into a LANC port or a digital L line.

The RP/RA can also be used with an accessory shoe adapter to connect light panels and microphones.

Weighs 2lbs 2oz– Collapsed size 11 1/2″ L x 6 1/2″w x 2 1/2″t– 3 center of gravity balancing channels for quick setup– Quad pod legs for safely placing rig and camera on ground– 7.5lb capacity for camera, lenses, and accesssories– 6 1/2″ clearance between balancing plate and handle.

Anatomical hollow handle for concealing wired accessories– 1080 degrees of angles. Protects camera and lenses from damaging bumps and scratches.