Colgate Soft Interdental Brush & Pick 40 Pack


Colgate Soft Interdental Brush & Pick gives 2 in 1 cleaning for improved mouth health. Packed in a travel case for added convenience.

It's cleaning made gentle and easy for improved mouth health.
With proper use helps:
- Promote gum health.
- Prevent plaque build up in the interdental space.

Soft flexible metal free brush to effectively clean the interdental space.

Handy toothpick to remove food debris.

Includes travel case for hygienic storage.


**DIRECTIONS:**Clean interdental spaces thoroughly before brushing:

Brush: Gripping the handle firmly, insert the brush end into the interdental space and clean with 3-4 gentle forward and backward movements.

Pick: Using the pick end, gently scrape away food debris.

Country of Origin

Made in Malaysia