Floating Beach Wine Glass - Blue

FLOATING BEACH WINE GLASS If you want to drink wine outdoors you've got two options: use a plastic cup, or struggle with a traditional wine glass. As a wine drinker, drinking from a regular plastic cup not only looks and feels weird and affects the smell and flavour or your wine, but setting your wine down can be problematic.Not to mention using reusable plastic cups is awful for the environment, and wine glasses are easily smashed when they topple.

Isn't there an environmentally friendly, easy and safe way to drink your wine and other beverages while you're out and about?

YES! Enter: the Beach Wine Glass, designed with the needs of the wine-drinking outdoorsy lady or man in mind and the latest craze sweeping our wine-loving nation. Instead of the traditional flat base, this wine glass has a special stick stem with a tapered end - allowing you to shove it into the ground and the sand! Whether you're barbecuing at the beach, lazing at a picnic or camping in the wilderness, simply slip the stem into the sand or ground, and it stays upright!

But wait - that's not all! (Drum roll please...)

This glass also floats in water! That's right folks, you can now take your beverageinto the pool or ocean because the stem acts like a keel, keeping your glass upright. You'll never again spill a drip while you're taking a dip!

Made from shatter-proof, BPA-free acrylic, this glass isdurable, great for the environment, convenient and outdoors-friendly. The traditional wine glass shape of the bowl means you can swirl, nose and taste your wine like you normally would, and it can hold up to 350 mls per glass.

The Beach Wine Glass is your answer to easy and safe outdoor drinking, making it a thoughtful gift for anyone who likes drinking wine ourdoors in the summertime!


  • Floats in water & sticks into the ground
  • Sturdy construction reduces spillage
  • Great for the park, the beach or your own backyard
  • Use it for wine, beer, cocktails or soft drinks
  • Durable acrylic is perfect for replacing disposable cups


  • Dimensions: 26 cms tall / Mouth of glass is 7 cms diameter / Widest point of bowl is 9 cms diameter
  • Volume: A little over 350 mls
  • Material: BPA-free acrylic
  • Care instructions: Dishwasher safe
  • Colour: Clear or Blue