Freewell Gear Mavic Pro/Platinum/Mavic Air/Spark Phone Mount


  • Advanced ABS material used makes it incredibly strong
  • Excessively lightweight material allows comfortable use for longer time
  • Sleek design proves excellent for storage and transporting in Freewell Carry Case
  • Effective mount for holding small and large-sized smartphones
  • Made for use with DJI Mavic Pro/Platinum, DJI Mavic Air and DJI Spark drones

The Freewell Gear Phone Mount is an excellent solution for holding your smartphone snugly and safely when using it as a viewing monitor. With an efficient attaching system, the Phone Mount can be easily attached to your remote controller. It is designed to hold popular smartphones, including iPhone 7, iPhone 7+, etc.

The unique design of the Freewell Phone Mount allows you complete view of your smartphone screen when in the holder. Not only this, you can also easily use all your smartphone functions with the phone in holder, as the screen and buttons of your smartphone are not obstructed in any way.

Apart from this, the Freewell Phone Mount is lightweight and strong. This allows you to use the Phone Mount for a longer time and without the fear of your smartphone slipping and falling on the rough terrain outdoors.

The Freewell Phone Mount is the best way to secure your smartphone as your viewing monitor. These are the properties that make the Phone Mount such as excellent choice for beginners and expert drone flyers, alike:

Strength – The Phone Mount is constructed using an especially strong material, which rivals even carbon fiber. This advanced ABS is renowned for its strong tensile strength and lower rigidity ratio.

Lightweight – The material used for casting the Freewell Phone Mount is extremely light in weight. This means that you can now use your smartphone as your viewing monitor for a longer period of time without feeling fatigue.

Essential – The Phone Mount from Freewell is an excellent choice for both – amateurs and professional drone flyers. It is not always that we use tablet phones or monitors to view our drone footage and live feed. With this simple, yet versatile, Phone Mount, you can easily attach your smartphone to the RC.

The Freewell Phone Mount is highly advised by drone experts. It’s lightweight and slick design makes it effectively perfect for storing and transporting it from one location to another.