Freshield Advance Food Vacuum Sealer - 100 - 240V AC

Since the very beginning Freshield has been driven to innovate and do things nobody else was doing.
With our new “Advance” model we continue this tradition.

The unit is simple and easy to operate. To start with we wanted customers to have a very straight forward and easy to use machine, so we made one button to do it all. Click the start/stop button for fully automatic sealing simplicity. Push and hold the button down for manual sealing, just release when you have enough vacuum.

We have also built on our easy click-lock lid system but added a light to indicate that you have done it correctly.

Unlike its predecessor, the power supply and electronics component in the Freshield Advance Unit has been totally redesigned making it light weight.

Weighing only 1.3kg, this unit is so portable that evens those with arthritis or impaired movement is able take out and store the unit away with ease.

This unit has an ultra-modern switch mode supply circuits, a new control board and pump so it is quieter and faster when it is in operation.

The removable silicon drip tray allows fast and easy cleaning when food/liquid is spilled on the unit.

Package included

  • 1x Freshield Advance Unit
  • 5x 8" Pre-cut bags
  • 5x 11" Pre-cut bags
  • 1x Bag cutter
  • 1x Removable silicon drip tray
  • 1x 240v home use power cable
  • 1x User manual


  • Product made in Korea
  • Size of the machine: 380w x 87h x 151d (mm)
  • Sealing bar width: 290mm
  • Weight of the machine: 1.31kg