Frogkisser! Book

Princess Anya needs to see a wizard about a frog. It's not her frog, it's her sister's. And it's not a frog, it's actually a prince. A prince who was once in love with Anya's sister, but has now been turned into a frog by their evil stepstepfather. And Anya has made a 'sister promise' that she will find a way to return Prince Denholm to human form...

So begins an exciting, hilarious, irreverent quest through the Kingdom of Trallonia and out the other side, in a fantastical tale for all ages, full of laughs and danger, surprises and delights, and an immense population of frogs.


  • Title: Frogkisser!
  • Author: Garth Nix
  • Publisher: Allen & Unwin
  • Genre: Young Adult
  • Fiction
  • No. of pages: 336
  • An entertaining read for young adults aged 13-16 years old
  • Cover: N/A
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