Hario V60 Ice Coffee Maker "Fretta" - Ice Cold Brew - Simple Way To Cool Down

Hario knows that hot summer days can prove difficult to maintain refreshed and rehydrated. That is why they came up with a V60 ice coffee maker. It uses the same method to brew coffee as the normal v60, the only difference with this amazing device is that you have to add ice into the coffee maker before you start brewing. Ice cold brew offers a quick way to cool down. All you have to do is add the ice and double amount of coffee, once it melts you will be able to enjoy delicious ice coffee.

The V60 ice coffee maker is a great alternative to cold brew. There are quite a few differences between the two, the cold brew requires you to leave the coffee grounds to soak for 24 hours in refrigerator but ice coffee maker is instant.

**Hario V60 Ice Coffee Maker "Fretta" Includes :**1x Hario V60 Ice Coffee Maker
Glass Carafe 700ml
Plastic V60 Dripper 02
Plastic Diffuser
10 Filter Papers