Hide My Bell - Close The Gap Computer + Camera/Light Mini Mount w/Bell Black

When integration is the name of your game… They say every proper city bike has a bell, but for a lot of us cyclists that thing is an absolute no-go: it looks stupid, it ruins your aerodynamics and hey, most importantly the pros don’t ring either! Sounds familiar? The HideMyBell range is the solution to our problems, integrating the bell discretely in an out-front handlebar mount. Besides that, the HideMyBell is much more than just a bell, the accessory line makes it possible to mount an action cam or a bike light. Specifications
• Discrete integrated bell: loud and rattle free (weight penalty just 2 grams)
• Out of front holder design
• Lightweight: 50 grams
• 31.8 mm handlebar clamp
• Stainless steel bolts
• Hidden bolt clamp design
• Made of strong Polymer (POM)
• Made and engineered in the Netherlands
• Patent pending
Included in the package
• Adapters: Garmin, Wahoo, Lezyne, Bryton and Polar
• Accessory: GoPro style adapter
• Accessory: Universal light adapter