Jema Rose-8+ Luminous Whitening Mask 7x25ml

Brightens, softens and clears the skin!

  • Gives a luminous skin tone for eight hours or longer.
  • Rich in antioxidants that may fight free-radical damage.
  • Leaves your skin smooth and radiant.

Product Description

Jema Rose 8+ Luminous Whitening Mask helps give skin clear and glowing tone for eight hours or more. After use, it will leave the skin smooth, radiant, healthy and blooming.

**Each mask is free from formaldehyde, alcohol, paraben, synthetic pigment, glucocorticoid, fluorescent agent.

How to Use

Apply face mask onto face for 8 minutes.


Discontinue use immediately and consult a medical professional as soon as irritation occurs.

For external use only.

About Jema

Jema Rose believes in harnessing the power of nature. When it comes to skin treatment, they understand that beautiful skin and true radiance can only come from natural, healthy dermal cells. Their masks combine the best of nature's nourishing ingredients with the latest technology to maximise your skin's natural strength and to reveal a smooth, healthy, rejuvenated appearance every day.