Jules Throw Light Pink

Complement your bedroom or lounge with our luxurious short hair curly Jules throw that will add an element of class

Beautifully fluffy with our short hair throw

Faux Velvet Backing

Generous size 127cm x 152cm

Tran-seasonal colour to suit any lounge or bedroom

Machine Washable

Why use throws?

Add a new element of colour and texture to your room

Add arms-reach warmth in any room

Great for families with pets protect your bedding or sofas

Throw on an extra layer

The use of our new throws adds instant warmth, texture, colour and pattern to the room cascading over the back of a chair, folded on the arm of a sofa or spanning the foot of the bed.

What texture?

We typically recommend either cotton or acrylic based throws, for high volume areas given theyre machine washable. For kids bedrooms, faux fur throws have been extremely popular given there versatile to use them as blankets in the winter months for that added warmth.

What throw size is best?

In Australia, most will find the typical size of throws to be 127x152cm or 130x180cm.

Typically, both are suitable for most situations, however, customers typically ask would that size be appropriate for my situation. We generally feel your throw shouldnt overwhelm the sofa or bed, but instead create interest with some colour / texture. Things to look out for are, if you own a king bed then I would go with a larger throw, that's length is at least 180cm, this allows you the option of draping it across your bed (end to end). With sofas or couches, both sizes are fine. I would just be careful when selecting colours to create that ultimate look.