Naked Textile & Fabric Sealer 250ml - Protect fabrics from stains

The new sealer range from Monsta that seals and protects surfaces from water and liquids without changing the surface appearance. Nanotechnology protects surfaces up to 10 years and repels liquids, oils and more.


- Allows surfaces to breathe, won't trap any dampness or humidity into surfaces

- Odourless

- Can penetrate surfaces up to 3-4mm

- Helps keep surfaces clean and less absorbent to dirt, dust, stains, etc.

- Resists oils, water, wine, and other liquids around the home

- Suitable for absorbent fabric surfaces such as textile furnishings, suede surfaces, canvas, shoes, cushions, couches, and more

- Nanotechnology formula meaning deep penetration into porous surfaces, creating a beading effect against water, liquids and oils

- Protects surfaces for up to 10 years

Coverage is 1Lt per 10-12m2 and on extremely porous surfaces this may be reduced