Panoramis Small Orange

Panoramis Small Orange (now Comfortis Plus Small Orange)

Suitable for small dogs between 4.6-9kg, Panoramis Small Orange is a highly effective medication for treatment, prevention and control of fleas and flea allergy dermatitis.

These monthly chewable tablets are easy to administer and offer immediate and long-lasting protection against fleas, heartworms, adult hookworms, roundworms and whipworms infections. The active ingredients in this medication ensure effective prevention and control of fleas and flea allergy dermatitis, without having to isolate your dog.

Panoramis is perfect for home owners who appreciate a healthy environment for their pets and families but need that little bit of help in getting rid of fleas!

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Please note that the name 'Panoramis' has been discontinued and has been rebranded as 'Comfortis Plus'. It is the same product with the same ingredients by the same supplier. They have simply rebranded the same product. Customers who order this item should not be alarmed if they receive Comfortis Plus. It is merely the newer version of the same thing.