'Ride With' Novelty Car Window Decals - Trump

(Decal for driver's side rear window AU)

Freak out people on the street, and always have someone to talk to while you're cruising the beat, with our 'Ride With' Car Window Decals, in either the horrifyingly realistic Trump style, or the adorable Dog in Goggles style.

To use, simply peel off the protective film from the decal, and adhere to the outside of your car window.

Advantages of adding a fabulous 'Ride With' Car Window Decal to your vehicle include:

  • Always having someone to talk to
  • Never having someone talk back to you
  • Freaking out people you drive past

The 'Ride With' Car Window Decals come in a protective gift tube, making them a hilarious gift choice!


  • Easy to peel
  • Adheres to the outside of the rear passenger window
  • Leaves no residue
  • Reusable!
  • Looks like you're riding with a Dog or Trump
  • For right-hand drive vehicles only (to be placed on rear driver side passenger seat window)


  • Styles: Choose from Trump Window Decal or Dog Window Decal
  • Dimensions:Trump Decal is 18.5 cms from stupid hair to stupid neck & 20 cms from stupid back of head to stupid nose; Dog Decal is 29 cms high and 30 cms across
  • **Material:**Adhesive vinyl
  • **To reuse:**Wipe clean with a damp cloth to reuse
  • **Beware:**Projectiles may be thrown at your car by passersby
  • **Inclusions:**1 x Car Window Decal in protective tube