SOGA Portable Handheld Massager Soothing Heat Stimulate Blood Flow Shoulder 4 Heads

SOGA massager is a sleek power-packed handheld massager that taps deep into muscle tissue where the aches and fatigue are. Easy to use whether you are massaging shoulders, neck, lower back or even the soles of your feet! Ergonomically designed and lightweight. Two speeds switch suits your need.

Light & Powerful
SOGA massager is one of the lightest tapping massagers in its class. It delivers a powerful massage by its unique weight distribution system, it magnifying the intensity of the massage to give you maximum results with minimum effort.

Variable Speed Massage
SOGA massager offers you the flexibility of setting your preferred massage intensity. The high-speed tapping provides deep-tissue relief for large muscle groups, while the low-speed tapping helps to loosen muscle knots from your body.

Longer Durability
Competitive Price Around Australia Market
Excellent quality at best price!


4 pairs of interchangeable heads
Invigorating massage
Soothing heat
Custom heat attachment heads for soothing heat with massage
Choose from gentle to invigorating at the slide of a switch
Includes two custom attachment sets
Easy to grip


Power: 25W
Voltage: 220V-240V/50Hz/60Hz
Weight: 1.4kg
Dimension: 440 x 220 x 220mm

Package Includes:

1 X 100% Brand new SOGA handheld massager
1 X Carton Box