UCO Micro/Mini 6 pk Citronella Tealight Candles


Lanterns are very nice to look at but they need tealight candles to perform their main function which is to provide light. This is where the high-quality UCO Citronella Tealight Candles come into their own.

These little tealight candles are specifically intended for use in the Mini and Micro Lanterns and each candle can burn for 3-4 hours (so with this 6 pack, there is the availability of 18-24 hours of dependable light).

Plain tealights do not have the benefit of being able to repel insects, but the citronella oil mix in the paraffin in these UCO Citronella Tealight Candles mean those pesky insects can be kept at bay by the mixture of citronella.


  • Burns 3-4 hours per tealight
  • Citronella oil is mixed into paraffin
  • 6 candles per pack