VISION Z-Wave Range Extender, Smart Home Automation System

Quick Overview The Vision Z-Wave Range Extender is a smart, discrete Z-Wave device designed to amplify the signals of any Z-Wave devices in your Z-Wave network which helps to eliminate "RF dead spots".

  • Amplifies signals to a range of up to 100m
  • Power level control
  • Wall mountable

Product Details The Vision Z-Wave Range extenderis designed to amplify the signals of any Z-Wave device in your Z-Wave network. It is compatible with all Z-Wave enabled devices regardless of their manufacturers. This device takes existing Z-Wave signals emitted from nearby devices and sends them to distant Z-Wave devices in your Z-Wave network which would otherwise be unreachable.

This device also allows you to adjust its power level, by reducing its power level you can reduce its power consumption and operational range.

Please Note: TheVision Z-Wave Range Extenderis powered by a Micro USB Power Supply. Neither the Micro USB Power Supply nor the USB cable are included with this product.

Product Support Manuals:

Vision Z-Wave Range Extender Manual (Size: 90KB)

Technical Specifications RF Protocol

Z Wave

RF Frequency

921.42Mhz a€?AU/NZ approved RF for Z wave

Z Wave Device Type

Z-Wave Range Extender

Z Wave Chip Type

Z-Wave 500 Series

Operation Voltage


Operation Current

300 mA (50mA)

Operation Range

Up to 100m indoor with no obstacles


Indoor use only

Operation temperature

-15 ~ 60 oC

Storage temperature

-10 ~ 65 oC






(LxWxH) 82mm x 32mm x 10mm