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General cleaning duties

Think of all the jobs that a house requires to keep it clean. There’s often a lot to do! Who is responsible for cleaning in your house? Is it you? If so, do you split the work by room, starting in the kitchen through to the bedrooms and finishing in the family room? Or do you work by surface that needs to be cleaned? Floors, walls, windows and furniture? Whichever way you do it in your household, Catch has a few products up its sleeves to help out with the cleaning duties. You can clean everything in your whole house with things from Catch. Oven, check. Toilet, check. Pool, check. We’ve got scrubbers and descalers, liquids and destainers, all to help with the most tedious household chore. Catch is Australia’s favourite online superstore so scroll around and find yourself a Screamin’ Good Deal today!

How to mop properly

Mopping seems pretty straight forward, just a wet mop to go over and floors and ta-da, you’re done! No. If you haven't got one already start with buying yourself a mop, bucket and some floor cleaner right here at Catch. We recommend a cleaning solution with anti-bacterial properties, but if you don’t like the options, bleach also works. Now, let's get into the nitty gritty of floor cleaning. Start by clearing the area that you’re mopping. Move the furniture or any toys laying around out of the way. Sweep to remove dust and other debris. Fill your mop-bucket halfway with hot water, hot water helps lift oils and kills germs. Mop in sections and remember to rinse and wring out your mop when you finish a section. Finally let your floor air dry. Mopping can be an easy part of a cleaning routine that helps prevent bacteria and mold growing in your home. If mopping is on your mind Catch is here to help. Catch has everything you need to keep your house and floors clean.

Cleaning wipes for the kitchen and the whole home

One of the most useful items in any homes cleaning areseal is the multi-purpose wipe. Wipes are the quick and easy go-to product for cleaning up quick spills and little accidents. Cut through grease, grime and dirt with these handy wipes. Some wipes even have added germ killing. Brands like Dettol and Pine-O-Cleen both have wipes that claim to kill up to 99.9% of germs - perfect for homes with messy children. The best part about buying cleaning wipes at Catch is that you can buy in bulk and really save your hard earned dough. You can buy packets containing 30 or 480 wipes! So don’t delay, stock up on your favourite wipes now. At Catch, we’re 100% online which means you can order online and have your goods shipped right to your door, no more perusing the shopping aisles and wasting your time. It's so easy at Catch!