Muesli Bars & Biscuits for Less

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Love to munch on some snacks while binge-watching your favourite series? Can’t go a day without having a little dose of sweetness? We know that feeling. Lucky for you, you’ve just landed at the one-stop shop for all your snack needs. Looking for cheap snacks for work? You’re at the right place. Having nutritious and satiating snacks throughout your workday boosts your energy and helps you focus better on getting your tasks done. Whether you’re looking for trail mixes, muesli bars or dried fruits, we have what you’re after. Do you prefer snacking on dried fruits to get through the day? Not only do they taste good, dried fruits are a great way to up your fruit intake. Check out CrispyFruits’ range of freeze dried fruits. We have apples, mangoes and pears. If you want something a little different, try the J.C.’s Apricot Coconut Slice. If freeze dried fruits aren’t your thing, check out our range of nuts and trail mixes. J.C.’s Outback Mix is handy for when you’re on the go. The Harvest Box Snack Pack Power Mix is perfect if you need a quick, guilt-free pick-me-up. It’s a delicious blend of dried fruits, nuts, seeds and milk chocolate. For something with a kick, try J.C.’s The Rancho Mix. Here at Catch, you can try different trail mixes at bargain prices!

Explore Our Range of Chips & Jerky at Catch AU

If you can live without potato chips, believe us when we say we’re on the same boat. Now you can get your favourite chips for cheap. At Catch, you can stock up on your favourite Sour Cream & Onion Pringles for less. Spice it up with the Sweet Chilli & Sour Cream Pringles. We also carry the Sunbites Grain Waves in snack-sized packets, perfect to pop them in your work bag or school backpack. Are you a fan of Red Rock Deli Chips? Try a bit of everything with the Red Rock Deli Potato Chips Multipack. If chips aren’t your drift, check out the Mondo Bites Salted Pretzels. Here’s a fun tip: dip them in chocolate or cookie butter and thank us later. You know what’s worth the hype? The Doritos Crackers Mexicana is everyone’s favourite. It’s baked not fried, even more of a reason to stock up! Why not give beef jerky a go? It’s a great source of protein and it’s delicious. Give it a try with Just Jerky! It comes in multiple flavours, so you’re bound to stumble upon something that you might like. Shop cheap Just Jerky and more today online at Catch!

Muesli Bars, Cookies and more on SALE now

Craving for a sweet yet healthy treat? Muesli bars are one of the best snack options out there, as it can fill you up until your next meal. Try the Carman’s Oat Slice in Lemon & Coconut for a bit of a citrusy sweet treat. It’s a wholesome blend of oats, shredded coconut and zesty lemon. Got an undying love for chocolate? Try out the Carman’s Oat Slice in Belgian Chocolate Brownie or the Salted Dark Choc & Almond flavour...or both. They’re sure to hit the spot. How about the classic Oreo cookies? Are you drooling yet? On the hunt for something sweet yet packed with protein? Check out the Carman’s Protein Bar in Cookies & Cream. It’s a protein-rich snack that tastes more like a treat. Catch also have protein cookies too! Give the Chocolate Chip Protein Cookie by Red Tractor Foods a try. It’s made of organic oats, whey and peanut butter. Sounds like a delicious treat to us. What are you waiting for? Stock up on your favourite snacks for cheap online at Catch today!