Lunch Box Snacks for Less

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Healthy lunch box snacks for kids

Are your kids looking to munch on some healthy snacks while they learn and play? Are you a parent who wants to fuel their school time adventures with nutritional snacks? We know that feeling. Lucky for you, you’ve just landed at the one-stop shop for all your healthy school snack needs. Some kids need extra energy to get them through their busy days. Having nutritious and satiating snacks throughout the school day boosts energy and helps kids focus. Whether you’re looking for bars, noodle snacks, cheese or something fruity, we have what you’re after. Give your children a guilt-free pick-me-up with a healthy snack from Catch. Here at Catch, you can try a bunch of different snacks all at bargain prices!

Gluten free children’s snacks

If your child is gluten free, believe us when we say we understand how hard it is to give them snacks that don’t contain gluten. At Catch, you can stock up on your favourite gluten free snacks for less. The Mamee brand is a good place to start, but stick to their rice and corn based snacks as they do stock some wheat based, noodle snacks that will certainly upset the stomach. Catch also carry the Bellis range of fruit school bars, these are all gluten free and come in apricot and strawberry, with choc variation of those two too. Good gluten free snacks can be hard to come by so give Catch a try, you’re bound to stumble upon something that you might like. Shop cheap gluten free school snacks and more today. We’re 100% online which means you can shop anywhere and have your goods delivered right to your door. How about that!

Lunch box ideas - Snacks with their favourite tv shows on them

Here’s a great lunch box idea, for kids not eating their snacks. Get them snacks with their favourite TV show characters on them. You’re probably more likely to get an empty lunchbox when they come home from school. It’s simple psychology and it’s bound to be better than plain packaging. Let’s face it, getting kids to eat their snack at snack time is hard when you’re not there. The amount of full lunch boxes that come home makes you think that they aren’t eating at all! So if nothing is working, why not try a package with Jurassic World, Paw Patrol or Toy Story on it. What are you waiting for? Stock up on your child's favourite snacks for cheap online at Catch today!