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Wooden bar stools? Metal bar stools? It’s all here at Catch!

There are so many different ways to revamp a kitchen nowadays. From new electrical appliances to kitchen equipment and decorations, the possibilities are truly endless. But sometimes we might find ourselves buying things we don’t end up using, or things that take up too much space and get in the way. But bar stools and counter stools are a completely different story. Not only are counter stools super practical and useful, but their tall and slender design makes them an extremely compact piece of furniture. Having a few breakfast bar stools in your home may be a total game changer, especially for those with a busy, on-the-go lifestyle. For all the parents out there, you know what we’re talking about. The rush at home before school can get pretty crazy. In these times, bar stools can come in handy. Plop your kids down on a counter stool, fix up some brekkie for them, then BAM - straight from the kitchen to the counter where your kids can fuel themselves up and start their day right. Not only are counter stools practical, but they add a sleek touch to any kitchen. From contemporary style metal bar stools to wooden bar stools that give off a retro-vibe, bar stools are a must have! So where’s the best place to shop for bar stools? Catch of course! We’ve got a huge selection of counter stools for unbelievable prices. Not only that, once you decide on the bar stools perfect for your kitchen, we’ll have them delivered straight to your door! For an online, hassle-free shopping experience, there’s only one place to shop.

We’re proud to stock a whole range of counter stools from some top-notch, highly reputable brands including Artiss, La Bella, Life Interiors and so many more. We’ll let you go check ‘em out in a minute, but first let us tell you about some of these exceptional bar stools. If you’ve got a rustic style kitchen, then the Retro Barstools range by Artiss is a match made in heaven. The smooth elmwood seat and black steel legs compliment each other so well, you’ll wonder why you hadn’t come across these gems earlier! Plus, backrest and no-backrest versions are available, giving you even more choice! For a more modern look, we’ve got some silver metal bar stools with leather seats and light oak wooden bar stools, that are sure to not only impress your family, but guests too. The best part about shopping at Catch is, you can take your kitchen interior to the next level without breaking the bank! Our bar stool sale is like no other, so go grab a bargain at Australia’s favourite place to shop online!