Side tables on Sale

Add charm and elegance to your space with a side table from Catch

A side table is the perfect way to display family photos, store drinks or a vase of flowers. A fantastic way to add some style to a room, dress it up or give a personal touch to any space - the humble side table encompasses a myriad of benefits.

We’ve got tables which are vintage-inspired and classy, to those that emanate a more rustic feel. No matter what your style, the look of your lounge, bedroom or entrance is simply not complete without a stylish side table from Catch.

Invoke a Scandi feel in your area with an Oak Timber Round Side Table. The timeless design features a black metal frame giving an industrial feel, while the minimalistic Scandi inspired style is complemented by its practicality. Another perfect companion to any modern home is the White Italian Marble Side End Table. The gold metal frame gives a feeling of sophistication, while the small size of the table makes it the perfect subtle addition to a living space. The unique geometric design hints at the edgier side of luxury, while the marble top gives an allure that just can’t be achieved with glass or timber. Branch out and place a Nesting Side Table in your home’s entrance. As a storage place for decorative items, the excellent workmanship won’t let you down where quality is concerned.

A small side table is a great addition to any space...

The best benefit of a side or end table is easily their subtlety. A small side table takes up such little space, it doesn’t encroach on the area yet can still manage to give it a certain feel. The addition of a side table can work to transform any space - adding a pop of colour to drab areas or giving your decor the chic finish it’s been lacking.

What’s even better is their functionality. The fact that you can store valuables makes them both practical and artful. Place one beside your bed, at your home’s entrance or next to a living room couch and start reaping the benefits of a side table today!

Shopping is made easy with Australia’s favourite place to buy online. You can find the perfect side table to complement your home, for much less than what you’d pay elsewhere. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to save big on all things furniture - welcome to Catch!