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The kids bookshelf SALE

Mums and dads, growing up you may remember reading, or being read books like Where The Wild Things Are, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, The Cat in the Hat… we could go on and on. And now it’s time to share those classics, as well as some new books with your soon-to-be bookworm. Did you know that reading to and with your child has been shown to not only help build a stronger relationship between the parent and child, but has various cognitive benefits on a young, developing brain? Reading promotes imagination and creativity and dramatically helps communication, social and literacy skills. Apart from that, kids LOVE stories! Whether the book is about making friends, adventures, being brave or something as simple as food, kids can’t get enough! With all these positives in mind, it only make sense to have a bunch of books that you can read with your munchkin. And what better place to store all your little one’s favourite books than on a childrens bookcase? You can check out the kids and toddler bookshelf range on Catch from the comfort of your own home! Plus, once you’ve decided on the prefect kids bookshelf, we’ll have it delivered straight to your doorstep!

Nursery bookcase - Every book deserves a shelf!

Let us fill you in on the kids bookshelf selection we’ve got. Star Kidz will ensure that your child becomes a star in reading with the number of books it can hold! This cute toddler bookshelf is not only super easy to assemble, but features 3 shelves, is very sturdy and only 64cm in height - the perfect height for any child to grab a book and dive into the story that’s before their eyes. And don’t forget that extra space on the shelf can be used for other things like toys! So not only is it multicolour, but is also multipurpose! But if your child likes the front covers of their favourite books on display, the HelloFurniture Wooden Nursery Bookcase is perfect for them. They can arrange books to their heart’s content, and pick out what book they want to read with ease! And for parents who want something more compact and space saving, then the Mushroom bookcase by go Home is a must-have. This adorable childrens bookcase can hold up to 20 books - now that’s impressive. Not as impressive as your little squish’s reading skills, but still impressive. We’re doing Screamin’ Good Deals on all these bookshelves, so check ‘em out and grab yourself a bargain - only at Catch, Australia’s No.1 online superstore.