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Garden furniture SALE - only at Catch

Did you know that there are a ton of benefits associated with being outdoors? Vitamin D in the sun improves energy and immune system function, while the fresh air can relieve stress and boost concentration! But nowadays, we often find ourselves cooped up indoors all day, and not spending nearly as much time outdoors as people used to. If you want to get outside more, it doesn’t mean you have to go down to the park, beach or exhaust yourself doing a 20km run. You can if you like, but your backyard is also another great place if you’re wanting to spend more time outdoors, especially if you just feel like chilling out at home. The garden furniture sale on now at Catch will allow you to relax in your backyard even more, with our wide range of outdoor furniture. Whether you’re wanting a sun lounger to have a nap on, an outdoor table and chair to do some work on your laptop, or a coffee table to enjoy a cuppa, we’ve got what you need! Adding some outdoor and patio furniture to your backyard can make it a much more practical and enjoyable environment to spend some quality time, while experiencing the health benefits of the sun and fresh air. Plus, when you shop online at Catch, you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank. Our Screamin’ Good Deals will keep you coming back for more!

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It’s a beautiful day, friends and family are over and the BBQ is going. Now, all we need to complete this picture are some comfy chairs and a nice, spacious table to share the food around. Well, Catch is here to help with that! We have an exceptional selection of top-quality outdoor dining sets at jaw dropping prices. If it’s a lunch for 4, look no further than the Gardeon Dining Set. But if it’s a big gathering, then check out the VASTO 12 Seater Dining Set by Alice’s Garden. The 6cm chair cushions are crazy comfortable, and the glass table top makes it a true standout. With outdoor dining sets like these, you’ll be wanting to have every meal outside! The neighbours might even be peeking over the fence to admire your new backyard centrepiece. Have a look at some of the amazing outdoor furniture we have available at Catch - Australia’s favourite online shopping destination! Shop now and enjoy the savings.