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Trolli Multi Mix 500g
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Lollies - a world of sweetness at Catch

Lollies are the greatest. People tend to gravitate towards them at parties and grandma would always produce the goods whenever we came round. They are such a special treat! And what about the range too, snakes, frogs, cola bottles, raspberries, dinosaurs, jelly babies the list goes on! And it's not just that, but other sweets too. Nougat, lollipops, fudge also fall into this category and we have them all at Catch. So if you need to stock up for Halloween, Christmas or just so you have some around the house, buy in bulk at Catch - Australia’s favourite online superstore!

Sour sweets to turn our mouth inside out!

There’s nothing better than sour candy, maybe it's a mixture of sweet and sour or the status among peers if you can not make a face. Sour lollies can range from mildly stimulant to face meltingly sour. Once you get past most sour shells the sweetness inside is such a welcome relief. Skip the sweet chocolate bars and lollies - go for the sour alternative with sweets and lollies so sour you’ll need to brush your teeth after eating! Check out a range for less, right here at the home of Screamin’ Good Deals. Welcome to massive savings at Catch!

Buy sugar free lollies for diabetes online

Do you or a loved one have an insatiable sweet tooth but have diabetes and need to watch your sugar levels. Perhaps you just want to cut sugar out of your diet. Whatever the reason we have a wide range of sugar free lollies. Suck on sugar-free fruit drops and butterscotch candy or sink your teeth into marshmallows and fruit chews - all sugar-free. The mouth starts to salivate at the thought. If getting your hands on sugar-free sweets and lollies is a problem, at Catch, we’ve got the solution. A huge range of sweets and lollies are just waiting and with shipping Australia wide don’t delay and shop today!

Plain liquorice lollies or covered in chocolate?

Liquorice confectionery comes in many different forms. It can be soft and chewy or hard, like a boiled lolly. The soft chewy stuff can also come in multiple types, plain, covered in chocolate or layered with other sweets. The best type of liquorice is hotly debated, but there’s only one right answer. We’re not going to say it here. You’ll need to make up your own mind. So stop on by and shop today at Catch - OZ’s favourite superstore.