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Dishwashing liquid, brushes, scrubbers

No one enjoys doing the dishes but with the right equipment and products this household chore can become quite hassle free. Dishwashing liquid heaps break down the fats and oils to help leave you dishes sparkling clear. All you need is a little elbow grease and to let the soaps do their thing. A good quality scourer will make light work on and baked on foodstuffs from dinner - we’re looking at you lasagne and casserole. Gloves are also ‘handy’ if your skin is prone to getting pruney after long exposure to hot soapy water. Music can also help you pass the time when washing dishes. And of course, a dishwashing machine is always handy too, if you can afford it. Just remember when you run out of dishwashing liquid or your scourer has lost its scrub, come on down to Catch, we’ve got Screamin’ Good Deals on everything dishwashing related.

Buy bulk amounts of dishwashing powder and tablets

Make sure your dishwasher is prepared to run into the future and beyond with mountains of dishwashing powder and tablets. We’ve got all the big name brands like Finish, Morning Fresh, Fairy and more, all under one roof! Buy a year's worth of dishwashing potential with packs of up to 400 tablets. Big and small families will love these savings and the fact that you'll never have to run down to the shops to grab more dishwashing tablets again. Did we mention that we also have rinse aid too? In fact we have everything your dishwasher needs expect a handyman on call for when it breaks down from all the washing its going to be doing! Check out these deals on dishwashing powder, tablets and rinse aid, 100% online and delivered straight to your doorstep. It’s all right here at Australia’s favourite online superstore - Catch!

Easy dishwasher maintenance with Catch

Frequent dishwasher use can leave a build-up of tiny bits of food and grease that, after time, can cause your dishwasher to smell and work inefficiently. According to experts, you should clean your dishwasher once a month to keep it in tip-top condition. And yes, you already know we sell dishwasher cleaner. Bonus fact, you’ll find that with regular cleaning that you’ll need fewer repairs and in the long run you’ll save money. So with Catch you can save money on both your dishwasher cleaner and dishwasher maintenance with one purchase. It’s not hard to see why we’re Australia’s favourite online superstore!