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2 x Zilch Mop Holder w/ Suction Cup
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Buy washing powder in bulk

Make sure your washing machine is prepared to run into the future and beyond with mountains of washing powder and laundry liquid. We’ve got all the big name brands like Radiant, Vanish, Omo, Finish, Fairy, Dynamo and more, all under one roof! Whether you’ve got a front load or a top loader you can buy kilos of powder or litres of liquid to tackle multiple loads of washing. Big and small families will love these savings and the fact that you'll never have to run down to the shops to grab more laundry powder again. Did we mention that we also have fabric softener? In fact, we have everything your clothes need to feel clean and fresh! Check out these deals on washing powder, laundry liquid and fabric softener, all 100% online and delivered straight to your doorstep. It’s all right here at Australia’s favourite online superstore - Catch!

Laundry hacks for getting rid of stains

The horror of finding a stain in your favourite piece of clothing is the worst. Half the time we don’t know how they got there. Perhaps you got a little overzealous with the tomato sauce or spilt some of that morning flat white onto yourself, however they got there, there's no use getting upset over it. Now, getting stains out of clothes can be hard, that's why there’s a whole range of stain removers designed to make your job easier. At Catch, we stock some of the best stain removers on the internet. But if those don’t work a bit of baking powder, salt, time and some elbow grease are sure to remove stain in a heartbeat. If laundry is on your mind Catch is here to help. Catch has everything you need to keep your clothes clean and feeling fresh.

Laundry room essentials

So you have washing powder or liquid for your general wash, fabric softener for a bit of a treat and stain remover for when accidents happen. But what about the rest of the laundry? The laundry cupboard can be a great place to store unsightly household items like brooms, mops and vacuum cleaners. It’s also a whole room with cupboards to fill. Catch not only stocks stuff for the washing machine but also other laundry essentials like pegs, baskets, washing lines and more! Imagine trying to do your laundry without a basket, or finding the clothes strewn on the ground because you didn't use pegs. If you usually find it in the laundry of your home, we’ve probably got it here. Look no further than the home of Screamin’ Good Deals - Catch!