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Introduction to whiskey

Whiskey, liquid gold, water of life. In the wide world of whiskey there are many types, origins and stories behind the alcoholic beverage that have permeated around the globe. For beginners there can be a lot to wrap your head around. Whiskey is produced around the world in many distilleries, some over 400 years old. Scotish whiskey or Scotch is whiskey that has been made in… Scotland. Irish whiskey... Ireland and so on. However, the wide world of whiskey is far larger than just Scotland, Ireland. While Scotland, Ireland and America can claim on producing some of the most recognisable whiskey brands, Johnnie Walker, Jaimesons and Jack Daniels. In recent years, newcomers to the whiskey market, Japan, have been praised and awarded for their new tastes and regional twists. Japanese whiskey is largely made in the Scotish style. But one would be remiss in thinking the two are entirely similar. To stock up for any event that is coming your way shop for whiskey deals online at Catch. Relax knowing your precious whiskey will be delivered right to your door, Australia wide.

Proper 12 Whiskey has landed in Australia!

Notorious! MMA fighter Conor McGregor's own Irish whiskey is now here at Catch! Proper Number Twelve Irish Whiskey 40% 700ml is an ultra-smooth blend of golden grain and single malt. With hints of vanilla, honey and toasted wood it's sure to display a rich complexity. This whiskey was so popular in the US and Ireland that stocks ran dry in less than two months after the launch! In general, Irish whiskeys are smoother than their Scottish counterparts, this is due to being triple distilled rather than double distilled. In terms of flavour, Irish whiskey can generally be described as light and fruity with hints of cereal notes. Irish whiskey also has a lot more freedom in the casks they use. The use of casks can affect the flavour whether it be matured in an ex-bourbon cask or a Sherry cask. At Catch we are committed to low prices on drinks so you explore new tastes and always get a Screamin’ Good Deal. Shop now as Catch has it’s range of Whiskey products on sale!

Why do you put whiskey in a decanter?

It’s mostly for looks. Decanting is often done to red wine to separate the wine from any sediment that may be in the bottle. Another reason you might decant wine is to let it air. However, both of these reasons for decants don’t really apply to whiskey. Some people suggest the reason behind decanting whiskey is that people are able to better appreciate the taste, timing, context and friendship rather than the brand (monetary value) of the whiskey. If you’re looking for a decanter, crystal or glass is a good place to start, just make sure that they don’t contain any lead that could leach into your drink. Here at Catch we’re equipped with everything one needs to deal to proudly display their whiskey. This is your chance to grab essential household and bar decanters online at Catch.