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The best snacks for any sporting events!

Get ready for any big game or match with mountains of snack food at Catch! We’ve got nuts, chips, soy crisps and jerky at such great deals, you’ll be more excited to eat than to watch the game. It doesn’t matter what sport you’re into because as a sporting nation we’re always ready to support an Aussie or our team to victory. So don your team colours, bust out your largest bowls and your longest trays because there’s a fantastic world of sport coming up and an ever large world of snacks. Before you go, did we mention that a lot of our snacks come in bulk? 10 packs of pork crackle, 12 packs of pretzels, 18 packs of outback mix. We’re not mucking around when it comes to snacks so don’t bother shopping elsewhere, it’s all here at Catch. Catch is Australia’s favourite online superstore which means you don’t even have to leave your couch to have your game-day snacks delivered right to your door!

What are the healthiest nuts to eat?

At Catch, we’re nuts about nuts! In general, all nuts are healthy, in moderation of course. They contain healthy fats, fibre and lots of protein. Nuts are also jam packed with vitamins and minerals, essential for human life. Nuts are very good to snack on too, they’re a super portable form of energy and they don’t need much special care, just keep them dry. It's no wonder they’re so popular in trail mix. Some of the favourite nuts in the office are almonds, because you can eat them raw, toasted or salted and macadamia nuts for their flavour. So for whatever your reason for stocking up on nuts, whether it's for hiking or watching sport, Catch has the range for you. We’re the home of Screamin’ Good Deals, so what are you waiting for, snag a bargain on nuts today!

Buy beef jerky online at Catch

Jerky can be a healthy, high protein snack perfect for anyone. At its most basic, jerky is meat that has been dried and salted to prevent it from going off. Fancy jerkys can be favoured with Texas barbecue, chilli or even smokey honey - our mouths are just drooling at the thought. Australia makes some delicious jerky, due to the fact that our cows and beef products are some of the highest quality cows in the world. Make sure you watch out for jerkys that have artificial colours or flavourings. These can take this usually healthy snack and turn it to the dark unhealthy side. Another thing to touch back on is salt. Jerky is salted as part of the drying process so just keep an eye on how much salt you’re ingesting with your snack. So if you’re in the mood for a meaty snack, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got bulk jerky for you - right here at Catch!