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Check out the latest humidifiers, dehumidifiers and vaporisers online, choose your favourites and add to your cart today. Take for instance the Mini Aroma Diffuser & Humidifier from Sansai featuring ultrasonic tech which helps create a soothing, aromatic mist while purifying the air. An expert at diffusing odours and moisturising the air, Sansai’s diffuser and humidifier is one of the best in the industry. Browse through other high end products from HoMedics, Ionmax and Milano Décor. Check out the Warm & Cool Mist Ultrasonic Tower Humidifier from HoMedics that uses clean-tank technology to protect itself from mold and mildew. Welcome to Catch!

Looking for the best humidifier in town? Your search is over. Take a look at Compact Dehumidifier from Ionmax that helps keep a check on humidity and removes excess moisture from the air. Prevent any formation of mould, spots and corrosion with Ionmax’s Compact Dehumidifier. Take a look at the Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser from Milano Decor. This machine uses the latest technology to create an aromatic mist in the house, preventing any dryness from being formed. This diffuser can work upto 4 hours if used continuously and also comes with LED lights to assist in creating a mood for the ambiance. Browse through more gadgets at Catch!