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First, eyeshadow was used to replicate the natural shadow of the eyes that some women have, due to natural pigmentation of the skin. Now, it’s used for all sorts of things! It can add dimension and depth to the eyes, make them look bigger, make the eye colour stand out or simply just draw attention to them, making a bold statement on your face. The makeup game has changed and people are more creative than ever. You can make your eyes pop, jazz up any look, use vibrant colours, paint glitter all over your lid, create crazy designs and loads more. These days you can find every shade under the sun! You can discover eyeshadow palettes full of colourful, bright shades and shimmers. There are also eyeshadow palettes with warmer, earthy tones or pastel colours and cooler tones if you prefer a softer, more natural look! The best thing? You can find them ALL here at Catch. But wait, there’s more… You can find big brands here too! Discover the beauty of mac eyeshadow or explore goodies from Revlon, Maybelline, Urban Decay, Too Faced, Australis, BYS, Anastasia Beverly Hills, NYX and more!

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