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Whether you’re mad about running or just like going for casual jogs, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got you and your feet covered when it comes to running, from the biggest brands to the top running shoes and essential running accessories. Not only running a great way to stay physically fit, it can do wonders for other aspects of your health from managing stress levels to improving mental, emotional and social wellbeing! At Catch, we want all Aussies to feel their best, which is why we put together everything you need in one spot.

Want to browse through the top brands like Nike, New Balance and Puma? Or how about checking out our practical guides and articles related to all things running? You can even take a look at some of our hot-sellers such as the Asics Kayano range. Catch is here to supply the whole family with a pair of top-notch sports shoes, with a variety of Kids, Men’s and Women’s footwear. The best part is, you’ll be saving some serious dollars shopping here!